My Personal Profile

My name is Trika Pitana, I was born on January 29, 1976 in Blora, wherei is one of the city in central java, Indonesia. In that city, I was growing up and spending part of my life. My Dad was previously a local government officer and My mom was a teacher in Elementary School. My Dad has inspiration that I should be a professor in one of the Unversity, so that why, My name is “Pitana” (Previously, the name of my father ‘ professor).

I was graduate from SD Tempelan II Blora, SMPN I Blora, SMAN 1 Blora, and in 1994 continuing Bachelor Degree in ITS Surabaya, Marine Engineering Department. During studying in ITS, I carried out many internal and external activities. I was a member of senator in My Faculty, Chief of Navy Commissariat, Islamic Student Association (HMI, Sepuluh Nopember), General Secretary Commissariat Coordinator, Islamic Student Association. In that time, I was the first leader in Navy Commissariat, since in very long time, The Navy commissariat was disappear.

After Graduate from ITS in 1999 until now, I joined to my department as Junior Lecture. Morevover, I found my soul mate (Dian Prasetyawati) in that time and we married on august 2003.

Later on, I was taking Master of Science in World Maritime University, Malmo, Sweden specialize on Maritime Safety and Enviromental Protection in 2004 and graduated in october 2005.
From 2006, october until Now , I join to Phd Program, in Kobe University, Japan. Now on, My Research interest is relating to evacuation passengers and ship in order to prevent and minimize any accidents due to marine disasters, which may happen on the ship.As you know that, Now on, there are so many marine accidents, which were happened in Indonesia due to human error, evacuation passenger problems and lack of management and marine contigency plan. Therefore, I believe that My research interest can be used for contributing in order to get better way for minimizing any accident in Indonesia


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